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powers_united's Journal

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
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Rules--Application--Fighting and powering up--OCC Community

Welcome to Charles Xavier's school for gifted children, A refuge for those who seek to escape the harshness of a world that does not understand them and a home for those who seek to better understand themselves. Here you will be taught not only how to use your powes but how to control them, you wil be educated so that you may leave this school as a valuable member of society or else you can stay and teach others. Become what the children have called an X man. These decisions however are not for the present, for now you must learn how to master your gifts and learn that with great power comes a greater responsability.

I wish you all the best of luck.

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Available characters
The Beast Teacher
Spyke - Student
Multiple man - Student
Magma - Student
Boom Boom - Student
Sunspot - Student
Beserker - Student
Cannonball - Student
Psylocke - Student
Marrow - Student

This list is not exhaustive but it is a good sample of the students in the school, remember no matter what the affiliations of certain students end up having in life at this time they are students of this school. So if you take someone who ends up being a member of the brotherhood later in life you can play them as an evil s.o.b if you want but remember stick (more or less!) to the rules of the school. I will accept other charachter who are not on this list within reason. Check out www.marveldirectory.com for a full list of charachters and bio's. Please only pick charachters that are affiliated with Xmen. No obscure 1970's independent comics charachters please. Thanks and if you have any trouble deciding on charys just contact me by email or AIM. I am a bit of an xmen nerd and know most of the charachters, if you describe what you like powers wise and I will suggest some characters! - Jack

Bad guys, we are recruting bad guys at the moment

The Blob

These are the ones I would like to have first, if you pick one of these you are in the Brotherhood and are not a student at the school. You will reside in the brotherhood house. You will notice I have marked Magneto and Mystique with an *. This means that if you want these charachters you must email a sample of your writing style to either me or meg. Thses are very important charachters o you must have time to play them too. As I said before this list is not exhaistive but these are the ones I would like to get first

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Taken Characters
Professor Charles Xavier j_fitzy5
Jean Grey _jean_grey_
Remy LeBeau a.k.a Gambit ragin_gambit
Rogue annamarierogue
Emma Frost emmagracefrost
Ororo Monroe a.k.a Storm stormxsearch
Kitty Pryde a.k.a shadowcatt= kiddie16
Jubilation Lee a.k.a Jubilee jubilation_xo
Scott Summers a.k.a Cyclops opticcyclops
Logan (James Howlett) a.k.a Wolverine primalclaws
Kurt Wagner a.k.a Nightcrawlwer nightcrawlerk
Warren Worthington III a.k.a Angel angel_arch
Lorna Dane a.k.a Polaris polar_is
Bobby Drake a.k.a Iceman x_uncanny
Alison Blair a.k.a Dazzler dazzling_alison
Piotr Rasputin a.k.a Colossus colosus_pete
Raven Darkholme a.k.a Mystique mutatious_blue
Shirow Ishihara [Bad username: shirow Ishihara]

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Rules--Application--Fighting and powering up--OCC Community