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Aug. 14th, 2006


attn scott

Roberto took a few steps into the danger room then spoke, " Activate Sunspot training sequence level 4 ". Before his power up he could only manage level 4 and now he wanted to see what the difference really was.

With a mechanical whir the danger room turned into a deserted wreckage of a city, but on the horizon he could see Sentinels. Powering up he blazed over to the robots and gave them a blast of his newly acquired solar blasts, to his delight the sentinels leg melted when the shot hit. Gaining momentum he sped towards another and collided with it, before now his super strenght meant that he would have knocked it over now however he just melted straight through it causing it to explode.

" Nice " he thought to himself

Aug. 11th, 2006


ATTN: Gambit

Rogue pulled on shorts and a tank top, for-going her gloves for the track outside. She knew that she could work out and work off her frustration. She wanted to think about anything else other then her feelings.

She liked Gambit.

She hated how her powers limited her want to show him how she felt.

A part of her wished she hadn't given him the card that day, but she knew how he felt about it. So she knew she did the right thing.

She walked over to the track, stretching alittle before taking off at a slow jog for 2 laps. Then, she ran.

She started with 4 laps, took a short break, then did another 5.

She ran for a hour at least, her mind on nothing but her breathing.

So was so focused that she didn't hear anyone walk up to the track.


(no subject)

Monet was walking around the school. Jumping at a few things and mainly avoiding eye contact with people. She was nervous in this big mansion. As she rounded a corner, she made eye contact with someone infront of her.

Aug. 9th, 2006


Open to anyone

Scott had a lot of work ahead of him. Being the team leader wasn't an easy task and gave him little time for relaxation. He sat at a computer counsil and was typing on the main computer. It was huge. It had so many screens on it and one large screen, that the blue haze that shown down on the person typing almost seemed like a blue sky at times.

He was so focused on typing that he didn't hear footsteps behind him as a person walked up next to him.

He looked over and caught them out of the corner of his eye, "WHOA!" He exclaimed and chuckled, "You scared the hell out of me!" Scott said with a smile.

Aug. 8th, 2006



Monet walked nervously up to the doors of the Professor. She knocked lightly and stood there, waiting for him to answer. She hoped that he wasn't doing anything at the time.Je me demande s'il n'est pas ici.She thought in her head.

Aug. 7th, 2006


anyone who cares

Inez was just coming back from the library. She had dropped her books off and was now just aimlessly walking around the school. She wanted to get a feel for it. She hadn't really had a chance to get to know her surroundings and she knew that in anything, it was good to know what's about you. Turning a corner, Inez barely missed walking into someone. Pausing she turned and looked back at who she almost hit.

"Sorry there darlin'. Didn' see ya." With that she started heading down the hallway.

Aug. 6th, 2006


(no subject)

open to anyone

With a groan gambit sat up in the infirmary bed, it took a second for him to remember what had happened. For a moment he was panicked but the little X logo on the bed sheets told him where he was, though it wasn't much consolation.

Pulling on a robe he staggered down the stairs and into the main hall. It was time he was going.

Aug. 4th, 2006



Kurt was so happy at how everything was going between him and Tabitha. He was walking taller down the halls and suddenly just broke out in a series of flips. Some of the students walking in the hallway were eyeing him with raised eyebrows. He did four front handsprings and then landed with a double twist in the air. He landed right infront of someone who didn't look to happy with what he was doing. Smiling meakly he shrugged.



Kitty was practicing in the Danger room after she had talked to Peter. He had told her the good news of him being trained to be on the team and she was really happy because now they would be on the same team with eachother, however she had gotten a bit surprised when he said that Scott didn't say her name for those who were on the team. That hit a nerve because she clearly remember being appointed to the team by Xavier. As all these thoughts were running through her head she realized it wouldn't be a good idea to be battling things when her mind was focused on other things. She shut off the simulation and walked out of the Danger room and by chance she ran into Scott.

"Hi Scott." She said a little colder than she had meant it to come out.

Aug. 3rd, 2006



Scott had been riding around with Jean all day. They had spent the whole day together and it was truely wonderful. As they pulled back into the mansion garage, they heard a tv playing.

"Military leaders are convinced that the newest sentinel breeds are not only more capable, but effective against any and all mutant types. A recent study has shown that they can withstand almost any barage and are virsitile in many ways that the public has only imagined." An image scrolled across of hundreds of the sentinels standing in formation. An army of them.

"Leaders of all nations have been scrambling to get their hands on these newest versions of sentinels and shipments will be delivered to Germany, the UK, Australia, Japan, and parts of Russia within the week. The mutant problem, finally has a cure." The reporter opened a hand to them and smiled as one of the sentinels stepped forward and picked up a car. In a terrible swift second, the car was nothing more then a small ball of metal as it fell to the ground in a dust pile. "Back to you Erin."

Scott's jaw dropped, "Oh my God." He turned and started running towards the mansion. Even though the Professor had probably already heard, he needed to speak with him about it and fast.

Aug. 2nd, 2006



Monet was walking across the grounds with a bag in her hand. She walked up to the door and knocked. She took a deep breath. She was scared to be here, she wondered how people would be and if she would make any friends or if no one would like her. As she was mulling everything in her head, someone came and answered the door.

Aug. 1st, 2006


Gambit gets himself into trouble

( anyone who wants to jump in, infact if a few people came it might give gambit a taste of what it means to work as a part of a team)

Gambit watched with a satisfied smile as his bank balance jumped up by a healthy 10 million dollars, not bad for a nights work. He has suspected Magneto would betray him but he was true to the word, he lit a cigarette and planned his trip to Monte Carlo. His silent musings were interupted by a loud scream down in the streeet below. In a flash he ran to his window and looked out. He could not believe his eyes, Sentinels! lots of Sentinels. it had begun and by the looks of it they were hunting down a young girl.

Without thinking Gambit jumped from the window and landed roughly on the ground few steps infront of the girl who was running, pausing now and again to fire blasts of energy back at her pursuers. She collided directly into Gambit and he caught. " Where ya going Petit?" he asked as he reached into his pocket for his cards. " Anywhere but here " she screamed as she pushed past and kept running.
" Wait petit Gambit can help you, ahm a mutant too " 

" STEP ASIDE CITIZEN I MUST APPREHEND THAT MUTANT " boomed a loud voice behind him as the sentinel reached out for the girl.  " Apprahend dis" yelled gambit as he released multiple cards. The force Knocked the Sentinel flat but more were following. " UNIDENTIFIED MUTANT, ElIMINATE "

An army of Giant hands shot out to seize him, " Wats dis? catch da cajun?" he laughed as he darted out or reach. His laughter was cut short however as a plasma blast sent him flying into a wall. The sentinel picked him up and began to squeeze. With a groan he awoke " Dam mon ami you hands is cold, let gambit see if he cant warm dem up for you " placing his hands on the sentinel its began to glow. Gambit wriggled free and jumped as the senitnels arm exploded behind him. He hit the ground rolling and ducked into cover,he began searching his boots for some darts but found something else. " Well how do you like dat " he said as he unclipped the X communicator. He had forgotten all about it, picking it up he spoke sweetly into it

" Hey you guys dere be a party going on down town dat ah am sure you wont wanna miss "

And with that he jumped back out " You wanna play with Gambit? Pick a card !!" he shouted as another volley of cards impacted against the nearest Sentinel.

" Da name is Gambit, remember it " 

Jul. 31st, 2006


anyone who gives a damn

Inez walked out of her room and headed down to the pool. Walking down only in her bathing suit with her towel strung over her arm she figured someone would stop her and talk to her about how she was being a bit revealing, but she didn't care. The pool she could see was at the end of the hall. She continued walking along until somebody said something to her.

Jul. 27th, 2006



It had been a while since Kurt had talked to Tabitha so he went down to her room and knocked on the door. Waiting for her to come to the door he looked at himself making sure he looked the cleanest he could.



Kitty wanted to go and share her wonderful news with someone. She decided to go tell Logan. Walking down the hall way where his classroom was, she stood infront of the revolving door and waited for it to open. When it did she walked inside casually as if she was just there to give a friend the ol' hello.

Jul. 26th, 2006


(no subject)

Roberto was flying around the grounds, since he had been powered up by the hellfire club he was adapting to his new powers. Up to recently all he could do was obtain superhuman strenght by turning the power on. But now he could fly, fire energy blasts and absorb damage. It was all a bit overwhelming.

Coming to rest he looked around to see if there was anyone about

Jul. 19th, 2006


(no subject)

Inez walked down the hallway and into the room they had assigned her. She left the door open so that if someone wanted to come and talk to her that they were welcome to. She started taking her stuff out of her bag and putting it into the dresser drawers. She pulled out her whip last and decided to go outside and use it. She stepped into the hallway and was stopped by....


Gambit on the job

(open to anyone who feels like trying to stop him but it is important for my plot that he actually manages to steal the gem!!)

It was an unusually cold night given it was mid july. At the musuem two security guards huddled over a small heater in their shed, 5 or 6 wandered around the perimeter. The musuem had recently taken delivery of the rare and beautiful Upherites Gem, and security had been bulked up. 

High above all this unseen by anyone was a thief, a mutant thief. Gambit watched the guards with a small smile on his face. It had been too long since his last job and he was glad to have something to do tonight. In a flash he dropped from the branch he had been perched on and landed on the ground with out a sound. As silent as the night surrounding him he ran along the thicket to edge of the building where two armed guards stood. Cupping his mouth over his hands Gambit began making small noises like an animal in distress. After a moment the two Guards, more out of boredom than concern wandered over. When they looked over the bush two steel capped boots struck them and knocked them out.

" You know what dey say about curiousity mes amis " muttered Gambit as he began to scale the side of the building with apparent ease.

Jul. 16th, 2006


attn: anyone who could be emma's roomate

Emma reached into a box and pulled out her blue bed sheets and started on her bed. She had been unpacking things her brother Christian had sent to her. Moving into the school was a new experience and she was actually enjoying the thought of having roomates. All her life she had her own huge lonely room. Someone opened a door and Emma turned to say hi.

Jul. 13th, 2006



Kurt had already gone to the beach and set everything up for the double date now all he needed was everyone else. He bamfed to the front of Tabitha's door and knocked. He was dressed all nice and everything and he waited patiently with a bouquet of lilacs.

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