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( hello, i will still be kinda slow on replies. Ps need carl to email me need to talk to him))

Gambit had been away from the mansion for too long, Xavier had sent him to see if he could do something about the increase in mutant hate crimes back home in Louisiana. It had been a boring trip really. One or two good fights.

Pulling his motor cycle up to the garage he hopped off and headed to the rec room to get some food


Kitty sat in the recreation room drinking some coke and reading a book. She hadn't been in there that long; in fact, she had probably gotten in there about twenty minutes ago, but apparently something was destined to happen. Kitty heard someone walk into the room and when she looked up she couldn't believe the sight that fell onto her eyes.

"Gambit!!" Kitty exclaimed as she leaped from the chair she had been sitting in to hug the cajun.
Gambit chuckled and let his bag drop to give kitty a hug, ruffling her hair he said

" well dere cherie, can ah guess dat you missed gambit? "
Kitty moved away from him quickly.

"Pff no, of course not." She said with a disgusted look before breaking out into a another wide smile and jumping on him again.

"Of course I did! So anyway-how was it? how are you? What happened?" Kitty bombarded him with questions as she moved back to stand with one hip stuck out and her arms crossed, she was interested, but more reserved.
Gambit grinned and sat up onto a stool helping himself to a sandwich that looked like it might have been logans due to the amount of meat in it. HE wouldn't mind

" It was ok cher, bit dull for ol gambit but it was good to be home in da big easy. How have tings' been here?"0
Kitty listened then shrugged at his question.

"About the same, a bit dull. Logan's been freaking out lately, I don't know why...We had quite the argument a bit ago..." Kitty trailed off as she remembered that day. She had been quite a bitch.

"And sadly last I saw of him he was walking away from me in a forest, I haven't seen him since...But I know Logan will come back, he loves this place too much to stay away for too long." Kitty commented with a slight smile.


August 2007

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