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Monet had a smile on her face as she read a quite interesting part in her book. She floated up into the air and sat on a tree. Her leg swinging slightly as she read on. As she was engrossed in her book, she heard the flap of wings and she smiled wider,but focused on hiding it, though her stomach was swirling.


Warren landed a short ways away but didn't notice her in the tree as he stretched himself out. His wings spread out almost 4 times his height and he sighed as he smiled up into the blue sky, his only true home. He looked around and saw no one as he sat down on a bench and began to sift through his feathers for any that may be ready to fall out or any that might be dirty.
Monet looked up as Warren was grooming himself. She gave a little giggle before turning back to her book; her cheeks turning red. She calmed herself down and acted like nothing had occurred, but she secretly hoped he heard her.
Warren heard someone but didn't know from where. He had forgotten how whenever he tried to groom himself, some of the other girls would watch. He didn't like that, it was a private thing and he didn't like to know other people were watching him. So instead of saying anything, he stood folded his wings on his back and started for the mansion.
Monet did a flip out of the tree and then flew over to where Warren was.

"'Ello Warren." Monet said with a bright smile.
"Monet! Hello there." He said smiling and realizing it was her that had made the noise. "What are you doing out here?"
"I zought I would enjoy za nice day and read a little. I 'ope I didn't offend you Warren." Monet said with a sincere look upon her face. She didn't want him to be mad at her. She dropped her gaze slightly; as she did, she couldn't help to see how good he looked in what he was wearing. She blinked and brought her eyes back up.

"And 'oo just came back from a flight?"
"You didn't Monet I promise. And yes, I just got back from New York." He had a favorite perch up in one of the high towers that overlooked the city.
Monet smiled as she recalled the events that had happened between them in New York. She bet he did too.

"I remember our little adventure on zat building in New York. Zat was quite nice." Monet said with a mischivous flicker in her eye.
Warren chuckled and nodded, "I do as well. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it again."
Monet scooted closer to him and looked down at his hand as she slipped hers into it. She coyly looked back up into his eyes, biting her lip briefly.

"Well...are you busy?" She asked him as she moved her other hand to draw circles near the top of his pantline.
Warren's eyebrow shot up for a moment and he grinned, "I am now."
Monet smiled and slipped a figure into the waistband of his pants.

"Lead za way..." She said with a sultry smile.
Warren sighed and his wings flapped hard shooting him into the air, "Follow me!" He said and shot off towards the woods.
Monet shot herself into the air and followed him into the woods. She zoomed up next to him.

"Where are we going?"
"You'll see! Just try and keep up!" He said his wings flapping hard and shooting him straight up. He flew fast and hard into the air, higher and higher. As he cleared the clouds, he looked around for her thinking he might have lost her and chuckled slightly.
Monet shot up behind him and crossed her legs in the air as he looked around for her.

"Looking for me?"
Warren grinned as he turned to face her, "Damn your good." He said looking at her and turned over, "Just a bit more! Follow me if you can!" He dove straight down, his wings almost folding to his back. The air flew by his body and ran through his hair as he fell to the ground faster and faster, his wings beating harder as he built up speed. He had always loved doing this and he wanted to get to his spot before her.
Monet rolled her eyes and shot down after him. He was about a foot ahead of her, but she decided to leave it at that. She didn't know where they were going.
Warren knew she was 'letting' him go faster and he didn't care. He suddenly realized he was dangerously close to the ground and his wings had to flap hard twice to stop him from becoming a bird dropping on the rocks.

As he stopped, he looked up to see Monet behind him and he smiled, "We're here." He said waving his hand. He motioned to a large cabin with very open and large windows. It had a very big wrap around deck and a large hot tub out front with a large open area around the entire cabin.

He touched foot on the grass and smiled, "It's my father's. He doesn't know I come here from time to time, but it's alright. What do you think?"
Monet did a perfect twirl as to not hit the rocks and she landed next to Warren.

"Zis looks absolutely amazing. Your fozzer must be very wealzy." Monet turned back towards Warren and placed her hands on his waste.

"Now where were we?"
Warren let the comment go of his father and instead kissed her. "I think we were there." He said playfully and wrapped his arms around her.
Monet put her thumbs into his waistline and moved them around slowly along the band.

"Shall we go inside or stay out 'ere wiz za woodland?"
"Which would you like?" He said a little deviously.
Monet slipped her fingers up his torso, feeling his strong muscles along the way. She got up to his neck and laced her hands around the back pulling herself into him for a kiss. She pressed her lips passionately to his.
Warren kissed her back hard and with passion. His hands traveled up her back and through her hair as he pulled on it gently to make her head fall back. He kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear lobe, wanting to hear her sigh with pleasure.
Monet leaned her head back at his gentle pulls, baring her neck to his mouth. His soft lips pressing on her skin was driving her wild and she gave a soft moan as he continued.
They were not yet to the house, so his wings began to flap and softly lift them into the air. Because she could fly, she weighed nothing and it made it all the more easier to continue kissing her and to carry her to the house.

Warren broke away from her for a moment and then walked to the house. There was a code to the door, which he entered, and it unlocked. He smiled as he pulled her inside and closed the door behind her. "We'll have to clean up, but we can stay here all night, well all week really, if we want to."
Monet lifted with him and waited for him to type in the code. She wrapped her arms around his body, kissing his shoulder at his words.

"Whatever you want..." She leaned up and nibbled his ear slightly.

"Me prendre maintenant." Monet whispered into his ear. She didn't know if he would know what it meant. So she moved around his back and nibbled the other ear, leaving her hand on his stomach as she did this. Leaning towards his ear, she whispered once more.

"Take me now."
Warren sighed softly as she nibbled on his ears and grinned at the comment. He turned suddenly and took her into his arms. His wings pressed tightly to his back as he kissed her hard. He lifted her up and began to carry her to the master bed room. Opening the doors, he tossed her onto the very very large bed infront of them. Grinning even more, he crawled over top of her and began to kiss her again.
Monet moaned at his rough kiss and smiled slightly. When he lifted her up she gasped into the kiss, but continued none the less. She fell onto the soft bed and curled a finger at him, even though he was practically already on top of her.
Warren kissed her passionately as he began to literally tear her clothes off her body. He found that his pants were very loosely fit and was surprised they didn't fly off in the wind when they were flying.

Pulling her shirt off, he quickly went down and began to suck on her nipples. He wanted her to get so excited before sex that her mind would go numb.
Monet's body was exposed as Warren ripped her clothes from her body. She did the same and with her legs,she ripped off his pants. She moaned loudly as he sucked on her body.

"Sacre bleu!" Monet screamed as her body was racked with pleasure.
Warren grinned as his mouth moved down her body. He began to bite her hip bone when his hands spread her legs. As he neared her lips, he moved to the inside of her leg and bit again. He wanted her to cry out in eager anticipation for what he was about to do.
Monet felt him move down her body and something floated back to her, from their first time almost getting to this point. She could have sworn Warren said he hadn't done this before. Monet got an evil smile on her face and moved her body away from Warren. Getting up, she pushed him onto the bed and crawled on top of him. She slowly inched her hands up his body, very lightly dragging her nails across his abs.

August 2007

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