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Kitty walked outside and stretched. She felt exhilarated as she walked around in her low cut shirt and her hip hugger jeans. She looked around the school grounds for anyone she knew. As she was heading towards the lake, she thought she heard someone heading towards her...</i>


A familiar smell waft into the air, cigars. Logan had his jean jacket on as he looked out across the lake. He wanted some time alone after all the crap going on with classes. As he stood at the end of the shore, he pulled out a hunk of meat and began to cut a chunk off with one of his claws.
Kitty turned and spotted Logan. She smiled and started to walk over to him with a girlish smile on her face.

"Hey Logan. Hungry much?" Kitty said as she gestured to the hunk of meat.
Logan's expression didn't change as he gobbled down a hunk of meat and puffed on his cigar. Looking at her outfit, he scrunched his nose and turned to her, "Shouldn't you be wearing something that doesn't show so much?"
Kitty looked down at her shirt and shrugged.

"Of course Dad." Kitty said as she placed her hands on her hips and looked at him with a goofy face.

"It's not that revealing is it?"
Logan didn't smile, "It is. Now go change. Its not appropriate for this school and you know it."
Kitty rolled her eyes at him and crossed her arms in front of her, not realizing that this caused her shirt to become more revealing.

"Come on Professor! It could be worse you know." Kitty said with a smile at him.

"Much worse."
"Yes it could and we won't be getting there. Now change now. You're done here. Go." He said turning and starting to walk down the shores edge.
Kitty followed after him in a huff.

"Since when did you become so...fatherly? Jeez-I'm sorry I said hi-I'm sure Piotr wouldn't have minded wha-" Kitty turned her eyes down as she realized she said the wrong thing in front of Logan. She felt her cheeks begin to blush, awaiting his reaction to this.
Logan froze for a minute and then turned to look at her. Taking a few steps forward, he gritted his teeth, "Is that so? Well let me tell you somethin sweetheart. First and foremost, I am your professor and I am responsible for you! You don't have to understand and frankly, I don't care if you do! But you WILL do as I tell you! Now get up there and change into something more acceptable!" He said heatedly.
Kitty backed away from Logan as he scolded her. She barely nodded as she back-flipped into the school and went up to her room. She walked back outside and found Logan. She was kind of angry that he made her change, but she realized he was serious. However, she still had the other shirt under the one she was wearing now. She walked up to him.

"Is this better?"
Logan barely looked back at her as he swallowed the last of the meat and lite up another cigar, "Yeah it is. Now get outta here kid."
"Well I have to wait for Piotr...He was supposed to meet me over there,but he isn't there yet." Kitty looked at Logan with a quirked eyebrow.

"Whatcha thinking about?"
Logan turned sharply, "Didn't I say leave?!"
Kitty's eyes narrowed and she looked at him.

"What the heck happened to you? God it was just a question." Kitty made an annoyed huff jumping high into the air and phasing so she could stay up here, away from wolfie.
"Damned kids." He said scrunching his face and blowing smoke into the air. He was under so much stress that he just didn't care who he spat at. He wanted to just be alone. Sometimes life was so much easier when he was running.

The thought had always played in his mind, running again. But where would he go? He didn't care. As long as he was still moving, it didn't matter where he went.
"Why don't you meditate instead of being a complete ass?" Kitty said to him, her annoyance at him snapping still running through her mind. She sat cross-legged in the air and started to meditate herself.
"What did you say to me?!" Logan said and turned around as his knuckles became white. His claws were itching to shoot out, but he stopped himself just enough and growled instead. "You little unappreciative brat!" He growled again, "Get your ass back inside!!"
Logan had had enough. He walked heatedly off the shore and his claws cut down a rather large tree. He made his way up to the garage and took Scott's bike. Starting it up, he drove off into the hot air as he continued to grit his teeth and growl.
Kitty watched him go and she instantly felt guilty.Oh God! I hope he doesn't run away again...Kitty's stomach did a flip-flop. It was just supposed to be in good fun.
Logan began to speed up and the turns began to become more difficult. He speed faster and faster, pushing the bike harder and harder. The bike was built well, but it wasn't perfect. He came to a turn that he knew he wasn't able to make. It suddenly turned on its side and slide off the edge. The bike flew off into the trees and exploded on the ground as Logan flew off into a bunch of tree trunks as he rolled his way down the hill.

As he fell, each branch, each stick pierced his body. He hit them hard and felt each one. Finally, his body fell limp against a bunch of rocks and blood began to pour out of him.
Kitty tried to stay up in the air, but she felt so bad. She jumped down and ran to the garage. She noticed one of Scott's bikes was gone.Logan..Kitty turned and looked at the road. She flew up into the air and went to look at the road. She searched and searched until she saw a huge skid mark on a curve. Dropping down, she looked over the edge and saw Logan's body on a bunch of rocks.

"God! Logan!" Kitty shrieked as she ran down the slope towards him. She knelt next to him.

"Logan..." She whispered next to him. She knew his animantium should have kicked in.
Bones began to snap, tissues began to mend as his body began to regenerate itself. As his legs and arms reset themselves, his neck snapped into place and his skull reshapped. His eyes snapped open and he flopped over onto his back and let out a roar of pure pain. It had always hurt when he was hurt like this, it didn't matter if he could regenerate or not.

He sat up and pushed himself against a rock. Pulling his arm, he set his shoulder back into place and stood up. Looking at her, he breathed heavily and began to walk into the woods in a haze, "Just...just leave me alone..." He said in a low growl and saddness.
Kitty heard his body began to pull together and she watched as he got up and walked away. She felt tears start to come as he walked away, but she blinked them away.

"I'm sorry..." She squeeked out as she couldn't see him anymore.
Logan heard her words and shook his head, "It isn't you kid...it's me. I...I just wish I could be hurt...I just wish...I could die..." He said softly.
Tears slid down her cheeks as she listened to him. She didn't know what to do. If he wanted to be alone, she wanted to give that to him, but she didn't want him attempting to hurt himself anymore as much as he couldn't really.
Logan began to walk into the wilderness again, but this time he was in a little more dizzy and more unaware of his surroundings. He kept running into branches and falling down, cutting himself open and healing again. It didn't matter, but he was hurting himself a lot.
"What're ya gonna do? Float up to me?" Kitty said as she hung upside down, still clearly out of his reach, but still upside down. Kitty knew she was being somewhat of a bitch, but Logan was being an ass and two could play that game.

August 2007

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