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It had been a week since Bobby had left the Xavier institute and he was almost out of money. To supplement his living costs he had taken to theft. It was easy really burn a hole in the back wall of a shop take the till and fly away. He was wondering to himself as he lay on his bed how long it would be before one of the do gooders from the institute came looking for him. He was sure it was onyl a matter of time. But they would be too late, he had gotten a better offer.

Smiling to himself he reminded himself once more that he was in the Borhterhood of Mutants now and he was working for Magento. Magento had told him in time Bobby could come stay at his complex but for now he had to prove himself. Bobby was wondering how he could do that when he heard a creak in the hallway out side.


Inez had been told where to go and she had left the mansion as soon as possible. Upon arriving to her destination, she looked around with somewhat of an uneasiness,but her exhilaration took the best of her and she continued to go inside the building. She heard footsteps in a corridor beyond her and turned and saw just the man she wanted to see.

"Well now aren't ya a sight for sore eyes." She commented walking sexily over to him, swaying her hips.

"Ah miss ya down at the mansion darlin', no one has ever handled me as well as ya did." She said to him as she placed her hand on his shoulder.
" chances you wont anyone who will either "

Bobby stepped out of the door frame to let her pass

" if you have come to ask me back to that "school" save your breath "
Inez scooted closer to Bobby and placed her hand on his thigh, gently running her hand up his shirt and dragging her nails across the bottom of his back.

"Nah...Ah was thinkin' of usin' mah breath for somethin' else...As Ah said, Ah missed ya..." Inez leaned up and pressed her lips against Bobby's, moving both of her hands up his shirt.
Bobb closed his eyes as he felt her hands on him but quickly mastered himself he puller her hand away gently. Stepping back he said.

" I cant do that, your an xman and I am part of the brotherhood now. We are going to end up fighting eventually"
Inez felt put down as Bobby pushed her away. She listened to his words and quirked an eyebrow.

"Ah ain't no x-man darlin'. Ah ain't joined tha team yet. Ah don' even know if Ah wanna-Ah just wanted ta see ya 'cause Ah truly missed ya." Inez said as she scooted closer to him and put her fingers on his back, attempting to pull him close.
" what part of no dont you understand " said bobbuy a little more harshly than he had intended.

" If you'r not one of us you are the enemy. YOu and all those weak minded fools who believe in a co existance of mutants and humans. They are vermin, they are weak ... they are cattle."

Bobby stormed off to the far end of the room eyes burning
"Oh Ah see the type a' man ya are Bobby! Not like Ah didn't know ya was gonna be like that. No guy is different and ya are just like the rest of 'em!" Inez shouted back at him. She didn't care about her "mission" to get him back, she liked Bobby and wanted him back anyway, but she figured it was his time to have the "bad boy" released in him. She knew all about that. She got most of her "bad girl" out of her a while ago, that's why she came here, but she still has some of her old spark in her.

August 2007

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