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Gambit stepped out of the danger room with a smug grin on his face. He had set a new record on the fighting simulator and could'nt wait until Logan found out. Humming a cajun festival song to himslf he wandered down the corridor.


Scott smiled as he saw a smug grin on Gambit's face and half waved, "I saw your record level's in the simulator. Impressive Remy. You think I could train with you? I need some more training and you and I could work on the teamwork a little. If that's alright with you."
Gambit conidered him for a moment then cracked a friendly smile. " Sure ting Scott do be warned now Gambit nevah been known to hold back. " Chuckling he walked with Scott back to the danger room and threw off his coat and took a standard Muai Thai fighting position, " Let gambit see what you can do with out dem powers of yours, gambit wont use his either "

Gambit knew that one well placed blast from cyclops would cut him in half but in one on one fighting Gambit had few equals
Scott sealed the door and nodded, "Good idea. I need more hand to hand practice anyways." Throwing off his coat, he pressed a few buttons and the walls shimmered into an old style Japanese dojo. He half grinned and took an Iron Fist stance. "Your move Cajun."
In a flurry of speed born from years as a thief he leaped through the air landing behind Scott. In a fraction of a second he had brought a metal plated boot to within and inch of Scotts head and held it there. " Unless you can hit like an elephant mon ami dere be no point in trying to beat speed with raw strenght. Da Iron fist aint no good against Muai Thai "
Sweeping his leg behind him, he took Remey off guard and kicked his leg out from under him. As he fell, he flipped forward and stood in a Tai Chi stance.

He grinned, "I thought we weren't going to use our powers?"
Landing with his hands behind him Remy flipped back onto his feet

" Ah aint usin mah powers mah optic friend, its jus when you were chasin cheer leaders and captaining the polo club ah was earning mah way as a Tief and as such can move pretty good "

To prove his point Remy feigned a lunge but caught Scott in a head scissors and brought him to the ground

" Come on scott, say Oncle "
"GA! NOT TODAY!" He said and pushed a pressure point in the back of his knee. As he did that, he got his head loose and wrapped his head in a choker hold. Scott squeezed slightly, not enough to choke him, but enough to have some control. It was an old and over used move, but it was still effective it used properly.

"Come on Cajun, say Uncle." He said grinning.
Strangely enough Gambit started laughing before flignign his legs infront on him and running them up the wall twisting his way out of the hold. Spinning he jerked him self free. And landed ready to go another round.

" You prove pretty good for a rich boy mon ami, but Gambit aint never been beat. You ask ol razor claws dat. "

Scott grinned, "Somehow I don't see it as that hard to beat 'ol razor claws' once you get him in a rage." Scott lept forward and punched to Remy's head and tried to knee him in the gut.
The red in Remy's eyes flared brilliant red. He was taking it easy with Scott, sticking to holds and submissions instead of striking but he had just punched him in the face and remy had a short temper. AS anger flooded through him he caught Scotts knee and twisted it knocking him of balance. In one seemless move he struck with his fist then jerked his elbow to finish the strike with a hard elbow across the back of Scotts head, he felt scott crumple and he swept his legs from under him with one foot and punched him hard in to chest as he made his way to the ground.

With out missing a breath he stared down at scott. Taking a moment to wipe a trickle of blood away from his mouth Gambit said.

" I did no want to do that mon ami, but dis was meant to be sparring. You no supposed to hit in da face inless we is wearing gloves. Gambit no afraid of getting hurt but he does like to know his fight. You broke the rules. "

Placing a boot to scotts neck he added " I could kill you now if dat de way you wanna play it but gambit thought we were friends." Gambit removed his foot and stepped back offering a hand to scott to help him up but his other hand was ready to charge a card if this got ugly.
Scott took his hand and laughed, "Remy, come on now. I thought you could take a little rough play! Aw well, I lose. I'll get you next time though!" He said pointing.
" Gambit take anything you give but Gambit don like suprises "

Gambit was about to laugh when the alarms sounded.

" What dat? " he asked

Scott's look became serious and he ran to the nearest panel. Typing madly, he gritted his teeth, "We got an attack on the main section of the house. Remy, can you get to the Professor and let him know we need the entire team ready to assemble in 5 minutes?"

Scott heard footsteps as Wolverine ran into the room. He scowled at Remy and looked to Scott, "What's up?"

"We have a small mutant attack. Logan, get the kids together and into the shelter. Then meet us outside." Scott said again and turned to leave.
Remy was about to snarl at logan when the doors of the danger room slammed shut and refused to budge

" Activating training simulator, danger setting at maximum. Saftey measures removed "

" tell me dat machine did not just say what i think it did "

In response to theis question the danger room shifted and the three x men found themselves in an open clearing with hundreds of sentinels and mutants advancing on them
If Scott didn't have a visor on, his eyes would be wide in surprise. "Oh God..." He mumbled and looked around.

Logan's claws shot out of his hands, "Don't think we're gettin out of this one boys." He said with a snarl.

"Computer! Deactivate program and enable safety protocal 1! Priority one!!" Scott yelled.

"Negative, voice not recognized." The computer said back.

"COMPUTER! FUCKING SHUT DOWN!!" Logan tried, but it gave the same response.

The sentinels were now in firing range and began to shut off random shots towards them as the mutants charged. Luckily, they consisted of 3 types of mutants. Fire, ice, and flying types.

"Remy, Logan, focus on the sentinels! I'll take care of the mutants! GO!" Scott yelled and let out a large optic blast taking out many mutants.
" And here gambit thought dis day was gonna be boring. Hey razorclaws saty behind gambit he make sure you no get hurt "

With a laugh gambit shot off seemingly defying gravity as he ran uo the side of a sentinal and blowing its head off with a well placed card.
Scott blasted a large blast and sweeped it over to melt away 5 mutants. But where five were destroyed, three more took their place. "Shit..." He said and blasted away again.

Logan growled loudly and began to slash wildly but precisely up a sentinel's leg. He reached the back of it's neck and began to dig into it's head before ripping it off and throwing it into another sentinel. "THAT'S TWO JACKASS!"
A large explosion took place out of the corner of logans eye as two sentinals detonated. Chuckling gambit hopped on to another and placed his hands on it, it began to glow red and gambit leaped off and landed gracefully on his feet taking a moment to light a cigarette he turned just in tim to see the sentinal barrel into another taking another two out.

" dat makes 5 mon ami, try to keep up "
Logan went into a frenzy and started leaping from sentinel to sentinel slashing at the weak spot on the back of their necks. They fell to the ground in heaps as he punched his way through one's chest. For a moment the sentinel twitched madly and then fell to the ground. Three claws punched out of its back and Logan burst his way out. "That's 8! Keep up boy."
" Why gambit got da feeling dat dese sentinels gonne keep coming no matter how many we kill "... before gambit could go on the booming voice of a sentinel was heard.

" Mutant lay doen your weapons "

Smiling Gambit replied " YOu want mah waepons sentinel? COME AN GET EM "

In a flick of the wrist 52 cards shot away from gambit creating a fire wall detonating 6 sentinals at once. Throwing himself out of the blast radius Gambit shouted out.

" We need Kitty, she can walk through the walls to shut dis ting off!!"
"We need Storm to fry these metal boxes!" Logan said and slashed through a sentinel's chest.
" well ah guess what we got and what we need are two different tings mon ami "

As gambit readied himself for the next wave the simulation ended and melted away leaving them standing in the plain metal arena of the danger room.

" Who turned da machine off?"
Logan gritted his teeth and looked across the plain, "No one." He took a ready stance and looked out to see a mass of what looked like aliens swarming in on them. They were particularly nasty looking beasts, insect and reptilian like.

August 2007

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