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Kitty walked into the sunlight on a calm afternoon outside the mansion. Her skin accepting the sunlight as it caressed across her shoulders and legs. She walked to the middle of the yard and closed her eyes as she listened to the gentle tones of music floating through her headphones into her ears. Suddenly, the music picked up including more heavy tones from the bass and cello's and she flicked her eyes open with an evil glint in them and flew upwards spinning in the air until phasing and landing in a handstand position in the air. She started doing back flips on the air until landing after a 360 degree layout. The heavy notes of music faded slightly as all the music nearly stopped except for a slight drum playing in the background. Kitty let herself fall, then as it picked back up, she stopped herself from hitting the ground, landing only a few inches from the ground. She back-flipped off the air and landed in a the splits. With the music playing in her ear and being in her own world, she didn't realize that someone was coming up behind her...


Piotr had watched her display of dramatics and suddenly saw her free falling, knowing that she would catch herself before hitting the ground but still have a streak of worry shoot through him he walked forward. His footsteps could be heard, nothing that he could do about that, he clapped when she finished her 'dance' and got a goofy smile on his face when she noticed he was behind her.
Kitty saw Piotr and smiled a huge smile. Walking over to him she interlocked her fingers with his.

"Did you like that little display there?"
"The ending was the best." He said, his smiling growing at her display of affection, at least he hoped it was affection.
Kitty smiled wider and floated herself a little higher than normal so she could place a kiss on his cheek, at the same time her own cheeks growing red. She knew her and Piotr had done a lot, but it was still weird getting used to the fact that they were a couple.

"So...What are you doing tonight?"
"Well...I thought I had a hot date with one of the cutest girls in school...but she seemed to have disappeared." He teased, his own cheeks a bit pink after her kiss.
Kitty got a sly glint in her eye.

"Well ya know...I'm not doing anything tonight..." She looked at him and batted her eyelashes ridiculously just for added effect.
"You're too sweet to offer yourself up to make my hurt feelings lessen their sting." He joked, getting his shyness out of him as he pulled her along towards the garage.
Kitty blushed slightly and followed him to the garage, her hand in his. When they reached the garage and they were out of sight of most people, she looked up into Piotr's eyes and pulled herself up to kiss him on the lips, gently.
Pleasantly surprised by her kiss, his hands went up to either side of her face and he pulled back, his eyes searched hers before he dragged her lips back to his.

He made sure to be gentle, he was very careful with himself, he didn't want to hurt her.
When Kitty felt him pull her away, she felt like she had done something wrong, she downcast her eyes a moment, but was pleasantly surprised when he pressed his lips back onto hers. She smiled into the kiss and then pulled back slightly, before issuing a few small pecks and then opening her eyes.

"So um..Where would you like to go this evening?"
He named the place that they usually went, it was a diner with a abr connected to it. Smiling he led her to the truck that he and Scott had just fixed up, it was a very nice truck, he informed Scott that it was becuase of his excellent taste.

Smiling he held open to door for her and then went to the driver's side.
Kitty climbed in, even though she felt a little baring. She was wearing only a tank top and basketball shorts, but if Piotr didn't mind then she didn't. Sitting peacefully she looked over at Peter climb in and smiled. He was so cute.

"So this'll be fun." She commented with a huge smile on her face. She laid her head back on the seat, recalling the other date they had been on.
"Yes it will." He got a serious expression on his face, "I mean unless you get repulsed by me eatching alot."

He winked at her to show he was partially kidding.
Kitty giggled slightly.

"We all know I don't, I find it cute." She blushed at this last statement and turned away slightly.
"Well if you find my eating habits cute you're about the only one." He gave her another one of his huge smiles.
Kitty leaned over and kissed his cheek, moving her hand to rest on his.

"Oh well." She grinned back with a coy smile and looked out the windshield.
"I suppose I'm stuck with you." He teased, giving her hand a squeeze as he pulled into the packed parking lot. Finding a spot he let go of her hand to at least park good. He opened his door and practically lifted her out of the truck.
Kitty giggled slightly and put her arm into the crook of his and headed towards the door. Walking in the waiter sat them down at a table and asked for their drinks.

"I'll take a root beer." She looked over at Peter.
"Same, of course." He looked at the menu even though he already knew what he was intending to order.
The waiter walked away and Kitty sat there, she knew what she was getting. When he came back, they ordered and then the waiter disappeared again to set their order in place. Kitty had a feeling it might be awhile till he came back, so she made herself relax.

"It's so nice to be able to come out here, away from prying eyes." She commented.
"Prying eyes?" He asked with raised eyebrows, "Oh, you mean your peers?"

It seemed ever since he moved up to the team and stopped taking classes and started teaching one that everyone paid moer attention to him, he disliked it greatly but didn't realized Kitty had noticed.
Kitty nodded absently.

"Basically. They like to look at you, especially the girls." She giggled at this last comment. She knew she was envied by some girls at the school because she was dating Peter.

August 2007

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