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Nova sat in the grassy area just outside the mansion walls with a light bulb in front of her. She grabbed a couple of batteries out of a pile next to her and instantly sucked all their energy out. Her eyes began to glow blue and she bit down on her bottom lip. It hurt a bit every time she did it, but if she was going to be in a crowded area like this school she needed to get her powers under control to keep everyone safe or at least to keep the lights from flickering. She'd gotten far enough since she left home that she could decide when she wanted to feed her energy into something in most situations, rather than just feeding it into the closest conductive surface. As for controlling where she got it from or how much she put in, it was still uncontrollable. She stared at the light bulb in front of her, looking quite out of place in the grass. She took a deep breath, put out her hands, and... BANG! Yet another failure to control how much she put out. She frowned and tossed the light bulb into the pile on the other side of her. It seemed she was going to waste all of the little money she had on light bulbs and batteries. She didn't have much to spend that money on though, Kitty had been nice enough to give her all the clothes she'd ever need and the school fed her, so the money might as well go to protecting the students. No that money had to go to getting herself under control, there was no "might as well", she wasn't going to kill someone again. But how did you do this powers thing anyways? Was Nova just the freak that couldn't control it? Was she just not trying hard enough, was she just being a baby about it? No, she couldn't be the freak, Scott couldn't control himself, he had to wear a visor. "Oh, only if it were only that easy for me!" she cried out loud as she put her hands to her head and laid back in the grass, careful not to knock over any of her piles.  She was the dangerous one that couldn't control her powers though. Sure, Scott could kill someone but he could protect people from it, but she could kill people easily with a static shock! "Maybe coming here was a mistake," Nova sighed, sitting back up. Just as she was contemplating how she'd back out of coming to the school she heard footsteps in the grass. She turned around, startled, and her hand knocked over the whole pile of batteries. Before she could say anything she'd already taken in all of the energy from the pile and her eyes were glowing wildly. Well, I'm screwed.


Scott saw Nova sitting in the courtyard with a pile of glass next to her and cocked his head to the side as he took a few steps toward her. He saw as she picked up a whole bulb and his eyes snapped open as he saw it shatter in her hands. He half grinned and walked up behind her, "Nova? How you doin?" He asked sitting down next to her and careful not to sit on any stray pieces of glass.
Speak of the devil, here was Scott now. Nova was thankful it hadn't been one of the more... conductive mutants like Wolverine. "Hey, Scott. Not doing too well I suppose." She gestured around to the broken bulbs and the now useless batteries. "I'm so dumb, you startled me and I sucked all my batteries dry. Better not get too close 'til I get rid of all this energy," she added with a thin smile.
He half grinned, "Not being able to control your powers not doesn't mean you won't later. It took me a long time to get a handle on my powers. It also took the professor and I many many weeks to find a pair of shades that wouldn't burn the second I opened my eyes. I was techniqually blind for almost 5 months in fear of me destroying whatever I looked at. It took me a week to open my eyes even after the Professor found a pair of shades that would work."
Maybe Scott wasn't as lucky in the powers department as she thought he was. "I wish these things came with owner's manuals." She grinned and picked up another light bulb. She spun it around through her fingers a few times, getting lost in the way it refracted the light off it's frosted surface. "I think part of the whole problem is I'm afraid of my powers, I'm afraid to use them," she half whispered. "Have you ever... killed someone, Scott?"

August 2007

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