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Enough is enough

Bobby's face twisted with spite as he looked at this x men uniform. He was tired of it all, tired of the rules, tired of taking orders. However most of all he was tired of Cyclops. He was infuriating, the guy acted like he alone ran the xmen. Some leader, he wasn't exactly the most powerful on the team. Why should he rule. His eyes misting over Bobby began to fade to black as he burst into flames. With a grimace he watched his suit incinerate on the spot. He was no longer an xman. He was a man, his own man. He was Sunspot.. and he didn't need anyone. 

Powering down he slung his bag over his shoulder and made his way to the exit. 


Wolverine stood on the outside column of the enterance and blew out a puff of smoke. He pulled the cigar from his mouth and examined it as if he were making sure it were really a cigar and spoke, "So your just gonna quit huh? Comin over to prove you had what it takes and leavin as a failure? Wait let me guess, I don't undersand? You can run all you want and be your own person, but you will never find the answers you want until you learn to control those powers of yours." Crossing his arms, he stuck the cigar back in his mouth and looked at the bow who was smoking slightly. 'Must have hit a nerve.' He thought.
" you want to see just how much I can control these powers old man? " Shot Bobby his eyes turning black as he felt the anger boil inside of him. he liked wolverine but if he wanted to go he would melt the skin off his adamntium bones.
Logan half grinned at the 'old man' reference and stepped forward, "Burn me all you want hot head. You'll just suceed in pissing me off and you know it. And no, I don't think you have a complete handle on your powers just yet. Your too arrogant and jumpy. You don't think before you act always running around as if your right no matter what. You know why you didn't become an X-man? It didn't have anything to do with you not being strong enough. It was because you can't work in a team. You have no sense of duty or compassion. All you do is throw fire around and destroy. Plus, you can't take criticize anymore than I can!"

((they had some unfinished business..that im hoping to make finished business))

Inez had been walking down the hallway stringing up her whip when she heard Bobby. She smiled to herself and she walked in on a rather odd scene. Bobby and Wolverine seemed to be fighting or something.

"Now what are ya'll doin' here?"

Re: ((they had some unfinished business..that im hoping to make finished business))

Logan looked over with a more annoyed look than anything and grunted, "Get back inside kid."
Inez raised her eyebrow at him.

"First of all, it ain't kid and second of all I don' take orders from ya." Inez shot back with daggers in her eyes.
With a flare of anger bobby powered up and the hall became unbearbly hot " you talk too much old man "
Inez watched Bobby power himself up and she felt herself grow hot, not just from the heat he was emitting. She gave him a sexy look and then swallowed hard.

"Now Bobby darlin'. Don't get to heated up over the big bad wolfie. You and I got some business ta attend ta."

Inez said to him, setting her eyes on his.
Logan looked over at him and played professor, "As long as your here you will and this doesn't concern you Inez. So please, stay out of this."
" thats right Scott you go an try and tell people their business as you always do " With a galre in his bobby moved towards scott, the heat from his body causing the wall paper to singe
"Is this the part where I'm supposed to be scared?" He stood, defiant, with his arms crossed and just starred back at him.
" No this is the part where you burn "

Without warning Bobby sent a blast of fire at Cyclops using the cover to fly out through the roof and land up there.
Scott blasted the fireball with his optic eyes and hit an alarm. Lights flashed and things began to lock down as he stepped outside, "As of right now, you can not set foot on the mansion property without this alarm going off. I will ask you kindly: Please, leave the property peacefully."

August 2007

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