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Gambit had been away for a few weeks now for reasons known only to the professor, wolverine, jean and cyclops. He had been investigating the rumours that a super serum that gave normal humans superhuman strenght existed. The kind of serum that was used to create captain america. It was true all right and what was more it was going on auction in the criminal circuit soon enough. He walked through the main doors of the institute whistling cheerily as he looked arounf for someone to talk to


Warren watched as a guy who looked more of trouble then anything, mainly because of his devious smile, walked into the mansion. He half grinned as his wings twitched slightly and watched his eyes follow a few girls as they passed. He chuckled lightly.
Without looking at him Gambit said

" Gambit got a feeling dat a little bird be watching him "
"Little?" Warren said with a grin.
" a tad defensive don' you think mon ami? " replied gambit laughing to himself.

" why you no come down and talk to gambit face to face? "
"Why not." Warren said smiling and walked over to him, "Don't think I've meet you yet. My name is Warren Warrnington the third and who might you be?" He asked stiking his hand out.
"Eh, sometimes. But I find them enlightening and definantly different. But we all know something about different don't we?" He said grinning and shaking the man's hand.
" We do indeed mon ami " replied gambit liking the man immediatly

" people dont exactly take kindly to mah red eyes, dey tink dat ah am the devil or something. You is da angel ah am da devil. well met indeed "
Warren had to laugh at that, "You'd be surprised what I am seen as. Most see me as an angel sure, but some...well some see me as a disease. And your eyes may make you look like the devil, but my skin isn't sizzling yet."
" No ah only have dat effect on women " Replied Gambit with a arched eyebrow.

" so how long you been in dis " school " ?"
Warren laughed again. He liked this Gambit, "I've been her for since the beginning of the year. How about you?"

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"ah been here a while, me and da professor had a bit of trouble at da start and ah left but ah came back. Ah aint exactly da model x man but ah have mah uses for da team. Ol razor claws don' excatly like me "
Warren shrugged, "He doesn't like me either for some reason. Probably cause I don't fight in the traditional way. Of course, my bones being hollow, I can't exactly FIGHT the traditional way now can I?"
" hollow bones? dat mean dat dey break easy? Ah think dat somethime razor claws forget dat he is da only one here with metal bones "
Warren chuckled, "And a metal head, but we forgive him." He said, "Yeah so I only weigh about 105 lbs. Not bad for 5'10"." He said with a grin. Indeed he didn't look overly thin at all. Infact, if no one knew that fact, they could say he looked normal.
" ah suppose you need it for da whole flying thing you got going, me mah power is slightly more destructive "
said Gambit with a twinkle in his eye
"Destructive huh? In what way?" He asked interested.
A card shot out of his sleeve and into his hand. It began to glow and he threw it in the air. With a whistle it shot through the air before detonating loudly. Sparks rained down from the sky

" First we charge da card den we blow it up "
Warren's smile spread across his face and he laughed, "That is amazing! Gambit my friend, you have a talent. But I have been told your an able theif as well. Is that true?" Warren may be an angel, but he how to hold a few sins.
" ah don like da word Tief'" replied gambit with a smirk " ah consida mahself more of a liberator. Sho dere be times when folks don' know ah be liberating stuff but dats not Gambits fault "

he chuckled slightly
Warren chuckled as well and nodded, "Fair enough. I can appreciate such a talent."
" few people do " Gambit looked back at the institute

" why did ya come to dis palce mon ami?"
"Well few people can recognize talent when they see it." He added and nodded, "I came so I'd be safe. So I'd be amongst those who were like me. With those who wouldn't judge me because of my feathers." He said with a flap of his wings. A student was walking by and his papers lept right out of his arms and flew about. Warren smiled and apologized as he helped the boy pick up his papers.
Gambit didn't rush over to help but laughed. He wasn't being mean but he thought it was funny.

" Well mon ami it seems to me we will be seeing alot of each other. Specially if yo on da team"
"I think we will." Warren said and stood up after helping the boy. His wings folded back onto his back and he grinned, "When's your next Danger Room session?"

August 2007

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