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Warren walked through the halls not caring much of what had been going on lately. He had been busy with school work, but decided it was time to take a break. He stepped out onto the lawn and took of his shoes. He wingled his toes in the grass before looking to the sky, where it was safe. His wings stretched out and flapped, shooting him straight into the air. He shot up higher and higher until he was over the clouds and looked down. He saw the water, the land, the mansion, even the city that was stil in shambles all in his view. He smiled knowing his heart was truely in the sky.

His wings collapsed as he dove straight down towards the ground. The ground came closer and closer, then in a sudden and bold move, his wings flapped and he landed gently on the ground. He breathed deeply, being rejuvenated, and put his shoes back on.


Monet had been reading a book in the sky when she noticed someone flying towards her right. Normally, she would have kept reading, but she hadn't really seen anyone else fly before and it intrigued her. She watched the boy land and then flew towards him and landed down behind him.

"Zat was very graceful."
Warren smiled, "Thank you. I do what I can I guess." He said politly and marveled in just how beautiful this girl was. Who was she? He hadn't seen her before. "Are you new here?"
"I 'ave been here about a week now, so yes I would say zat I am." Monet charmed him with her smile. She didn't understand what caused her to want to be so flirtacious with this boy, she had never really done so with a boy. It wasn't her thing, but she kept on smiling at him.

"Ow long 'ave you been 'ere?"
"For a while now, I've forgotten when I arrived. Forgive me, my name is Warren Warrington the third and who might you be?" He held out his hand to her and smiled. She was indeed beautiful.
"My name is Monet Yvette Marie Clarise Therese St.Clair. It is a pleasure to meet you." She said to him with a slight nod of her head.
He chuckled lightly, "Beautiful name. I take it it was inherited?"
"Collected over za years." Monets dark brown eyes twinkled at the boy. He was the first one in this school not to think it odd that she had so many names.

"Oh and zank you." Monet said calmly even though she knew she had forgotten her manners.
He bowed his head slightly, "So I see you fly as well. Do you know how? I have these old things." He said jokingly as his wingspan spread to their fullest length. The seams of his shirt on his back began to tear slightly at the strain, but he didn't care. He needed to stretch this shirt out anyways.
"Oui I do. Your wings are gorgeous you shouldn't calm zem old, zey make you unique from za rest of us." Monet commented even though she could tell he was joking. She looked at his wings, with semi-amazement. The impressing thing about them was definately the size, she hadn't felt them so she couldn't judge on that. She moved up to him, not his wings and looked into his eyes. Her posture when she moved of course was perfect. Fixing her gaze on him, she asked him silently," I'm sure you 'ear zis all za time, but can I hug you?"
He grinned, "Of course." He opened his arms and his wings fluttered slightly as the relaxed and curled around his body.
Monet moved into his arms and wrapped her hands around his body, careful not to touch the wings. She didn't know how sensitive they were and didn't want to accidently hurt him or make him annoyed. She breathed in his scent. Boy did he smell good.
Gabriel held her close and felt her body press against his. At first, he didn't know what to do. His heart raced slightly and he closed his eyes. He breathed deeply then without thinking, his wings curled up around them and encircled the two. They suddenly beat heavily and they were jolted up a few feet. He chuckled lightly, "Sorry."

(gabriel..wrong rp darlin)

Monet could hear his heart beating fast. She smiled when his wings curled around them, on her bare arms she could feel the softness of them and she looked up into his face.

"It ees okay. I do not mind."

Re: (gabriel..wrong rp darlin)

(lol sorry...)
Warren smiled lightly and his wings flexed lightly against her skin. "So...is it everything you thought it was?" He asked jokingly.
Monet was slightly confused, even though she could hear the joking tone, her english wasn't as good as she wished it to be. She smiled and nodded even though she didn't fully understand.

"Zey are really soft." She commented, not indicating whether she was talking about his wings or something else. She was making her own joke and she was wondering if he would fall for the bait.
"They are." He said and this wings surrounded them again. Instead of pulling back sharply, the brushed gently against the skin on her back and shoulders.
Monet felt the gentle caressings of his wings and she smiled, not only at the fact that she felt special being held like this but because he didn't fall for her joke. She leaned her head on his shoulder and listened to his heart beating as she felt the softness of the feathers on her back.
He closed his eyes as he rested his head on top of hers and then heard whispers behind him. Because of his extra sensative hearing, he could pick things out earlier then others. His wings suddenly opened wide and flapped hard as they shot up into the air and away from those that could banter on about them behind their backs.

Warren took them up higher and higher and soared the skies hoping he hadn't scared her. As he soared, his eyes scanned the air and ground for any signs of them being able to set down. He saw a large outcroping of rocks and shot towards them. At the last second, his wings spread apart and gently set them down on the highest point.
Monet heard someone coming towards them, but before she could truelly acknowledge that she felt them being lifted into the air to get away from the prying eyes. She held on tighter as they soared towards what she could see, a rocky area. When he set them down she looked up into his eyes, her brown ones shimmering with mischeif.

"Eef you wanted to be alone, all you 'ad to do was ask." She joked around with him and smiled at him playfully.
"I guess I could have." He said and stepped away from her for a moment. His Conscience came into play as his wings folded back onto his back. "Forgive me Monet, but I'm normally not like this." He said a little shamefully and lowered his head.
Monets eyes saddened as he stepped back.

"You don't 'ave to ask for forgivness." She said taking a step closer to him.

"I'm not usually like zis eizzer. You make me feel different zan any ozzer guy 'as." She took his hand in hers and smiled up at him as she gave it a gentle squeeze.
He recognized the squeeze and looked into her eyes. She had an innocent yet daring look in them and he smiled, "I'm glad I make you feel that way."
"I'm glad you do too..." She trailed off as she moved closer to him, pressing their bodies closer and breathing in his scent.
His heart suddenly began to pound in his ears as he looked down at her. He didn't know what to do but what his heart told him. His heart told him to lean in closer to Monet as their noses touched for a moment.
Monet felt their noses touch and her heart jolted slightly as she leaned forward with the thrill in her heart guiding her and pressed her lips softly against his.

August 2007

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