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Kurt had just come back from talking with his so called "mother" and he was feeling slightly angry. He decided the person who would probably cheer him up the most was his darling fiancee. He bamfed to her hallway and knocked on her door, he knew he looked sour, but he couldn't help it. He despised his mother.


Tabitha opened her door and was about to throw herself against him in her usual hug but paused and studied him. She took his hands and pulled him in, "What's wrong?"
Kurts spirit slightly lifted as he looked upon his future wife.

"I just came from a meeting vith my mozzer." He grumbled as he held onto her hands.
"Oh, did it not go well?" Nervousness filled in the pit of her stomach, the conversation was probably about her. She worried her bottom lip as she sat indian style on her bed and motioned for him to sit too.
Kurt sat next to Tabby.

"She has never cared about me before zis. I don't know vhy she came back. She says she vants to be all mozzerly and I know it isn't true. She also vants to meet you, vhich I am firmly against." Kurt commented.
"Why are you against it?" She asked taking his hand in hers again.
Kurt looked up at her.

"She is evil Tabby. She left me. She doesn't care about me and I know she doesn't. Vhy should I vant to even know her vhen she didn't even vant to know me in za first place." Kurt said as tears glistened in his eyes. He shut them to prevent the tears from pouring onto his cheeks. He wanted to seem strong.
It broke Tabitha's hear to see him like this, she moved onto her knees and hugged him feircly.
"Just do what your heart tells you and there can be no wrong found in you choices."
Kurt opened his yellow eyes and fixed them on her blue ones.

"You are right. In vays I zink I should trust my mozzer, but zer is ozzer feelings that cause me not to vant to. I vonder if she has talked to Rogue, zen I may know zat she is serious." Kurt said thinking about it.
She palmed the side of his face and smiled gently at him to try and soothe him.
"You should talk to Rogue, if not to get her opinion than to prepare her if you do allow your mother into your life. Becuase truthfully although it may ultimately be your decision it affects her too."
Kurt nodded and kissed her forehead, hugging her close to him. He knew right then that he had utterly and completely picked the right woman to be his wife. She was so caring. He hugged her close as the sad emotions went away. Looking at her with new energy he smiled.

"We have a wedding to plan."
Her brows knitted together in confusion at how he could change the subject of their conversation so suddenly, but pushed it away. She smiled and curled against his side, "We do."
"Has my bride to be zought of anyzing?" Kurt asked as he gently rubbed his hand along her arm.

"It is your vedding."
"Its your wedding too." She said with a smile and pushed his shoulder playfully.
"I know better zan to get in za vay of a voman planning a vedding." Kurt motioned as he held his hands up in protest, then brough them back down, placing one on her knee and another on her back.
"And if I want you to be apart of the planning?" She asked and grinned, "I promise I'll try not to torture or bore you to death."
"Its not zat." Kurt quickly said. "I'm just saying zat you vill haff za final say. How is zat?"
"Alright wahtever you think is good." She smiled and leaned forward and kissed him.
Kurt kissed her back, then he pulled out the pad of paper and pen he had.

"Vhere should ve start?"
She laughed, "You're prepared!"
"I vas zinking of zings vhen my mozzer approached me." Kurt confessed with a sly grin.
"Ah alright." She moved back on her so she could lean her back against the wall.
"I was thinking of an outside wedding, here on the side of the mansion, where the gardens are.
Kurt wrote down the word 'place' and then next to it, he wrote what she said.He asked her calmly.
Kurt wrote down the word 'place' and wrote down what she said under it.

"Veren't ve going to haff it at za beach?" He asked her calmly.
"I figured it would be a bit easier to have it here, just as long as we go to the beach on our honeymoon." She grinned her eyes going a bit dreamy.
"Sounds like a plan to me." Kurt said as he looked into his brides eyes and raised an eyebrow. Clearing his throat, he moved on.

"Okay, how many guests do ve vant zer?"

August 2007

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